BS Software Engineering (BSSE) Degree Program

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The Departments of Computer Science & Information Technology of Pakistan offers a 4-year BS in Software Engineering program to fulfill the needs of the rapidly growing market of software development in the country.

BS Software Engineering (BSSE) Degree Program will equip students with technical knowledge of computer systems, programming languages, and the basic concepts of algorithms and data structures required to establish reliability and safety in software development. The course emphasizes the development of professional skills in the technical area of software engineering, that is, the systematic application of analysis, design, and construction techniques for computer systems and applications.

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Now many universities are offering a four-year BS Software Engineering (BSSE) degree in 2022 to fulfill the need of the growing software market in the country. The program has been designed to produce professionals who have excellent problem-solving skills and can solve complex computational problems by critically thinking and analyzing the problems.

The curriculum provides a well-adjusted mix of basic science, technology, linguistics and business-related areas to produce graduates capable of holding leadership positions both in research and non-academic sectors.

BS Software Engineering (BSSE) Degree Program Career Prospects

Graduates of this program can expect promising careers in the following roles and fields:

  • Software quality assurance engineer
  • Systems programmer
  • Embedded software engineer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • User Interface designer
  • Software architect
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Information Systems manager
  • Computer graphic designer

BSSE Program Educational Objectives

The bachelor of Science in Software Engineering graduates should be able to,
  • Pursue professional practices of software engineering or advanced studies based on the acquired technical skills and knowledge in mathematics, science, computer science, software engineering, and supporting disciplines.
  • Prove mastery of the software engineering knowledge and skills necessary to work as a professional software engineer, by demonstrating an understanding of current software engineering theories, models, techniques, and practices.
  •  Develop requirement specifications, analysis, design, testing, and validation to maintain high-quality software products using appropriate software engineering principles, techniques, tools, etc.
  • Excell the students in the software engineering profession while working in a multidisciplinary team environment, supported by their abilities to lead projects and effectively communicate with the varied stakeholders both orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate professionalism, success, and leadership in their work, and understand the impact of software engineering solutions in a global and societal context using knowledge of contemporary issues. Exhibit an awareness of their professional and social responsibilities as software engineers by making an impact on society in an ethical and responsible manner.


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