Crackdown against kite makers in Faisalabad

In Faisalabad, the police cracked down on kite makers and sealed 4 factories and seized more than 80 thousand kites and other goods and arrested 40 accused.
According to CPO Muhammad Sohail Chaudhry, the second major crackdown was conducted against kite makers in the city within a week, during which 52 cases were registered in a single day and 40 accused were arrested.
In the crackdown conducted by the police, 4 factories were raided and more than 80 thousand kites, chemical string making machinery, spinning wheels and other items have also been recovered.
Police arrested 79 kite flyers from different areas of the city 79 cases have been arrested and registered. The police have recovered more than 200 kites, 56 pini cords, six spinning wheels and 13 gachhi cords from the possession of the accused.
SSP Operations Lahore Muhammad Naveed has said in this regard that the police have seized 684 kites in the month of November and registered a total of 639 cases.
According to Mohammad Naveed, 122 kite flyers have been arrested from City Division, 161 from Cantt Division and 55 from Civil Lines Division.
SSP Operations Lahore has told Hum News that the police have arrested 82 kite-flyers from Sadar Division, 65 from Iqbal Town Division and 199 from Model Town Division and recovered the goods and registered cases.

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