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انگريزی زبان پر غبور کے بغير آج کےدور ميں ترقی نا ممکن ہے۔
انگلش سيکھنے کيلے آسان ترين ليکچر ديکھنے کیلۓ نيچے کلک کريں


Communication has played the most important role in the development of human history. Good communication can lead to better future. Lets learn the world most important language, which open a door of opportunity and knowledge for ALL of us…

Content of the Complete Course

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After Completing Course, you can also Get Board – University Affiliated Recognized Certificate by giving Online Test.

Reading and Writing

Basic Vocabulary increasing techniques Basic Vocabulary words (beginner, medium, Advance List)Memorizing the Basic principles Sounds used in pronunciation Recognizing words and their sounds How to write How to make writing effective Basic Writing Techniques and methods

Grammar and Vocabulary

Parts of Speech

Using Parts of speech

Basic principles of Grammar

Using articles: a, an,  difference between countable and uncountable nouns, Using demonstrative adjectives, Using imperatives, Uses of must and have, using Verbs and its forms.

How to USE Tenses properly,

Using adjectives, Different question types, Using the present continuous tense, Using the present simple with subject pronouns, Building up English words of daily usage with correct pronunciation, e.g. heart& hurt
Understanding the concept / application of tenses in English.

Learning Basic Communication in English

English language greetings and introductions.
English speaking exercises.
Listen to English language radio broadcasts/Audio stories in English
Successfully communicate with English-speaking employers in a job interview.
Effectively describing ‘ Myself’ (introduction, interests, aims, daily routine)

Discussions, presentations and some other activities to learn communication.


This Basic English course focuses on written and communication activities in functional and situational contexts. It encourages students to speak with fluency and accuracy as well as develop the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Lectures by experienced teaching individuals.


Govt Recognized certification ON the successful ONLINE TEST SCORE.

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