InPage Urdu Complete Course

InPage is most popular word processing software i.e. MS Office used to create a documents in different language. It is friendly and compatible to use with different software like, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Coral Draw. So that, I created a Inpage Urdu complete Course.

This course is divided into three videos. These videos are consist of complete overview of the software, different tools of the inpage on the left-side and how to use them. The last section of this course consist of the understanding of the top bar tools and there uses.

What is Inpage

InPage is a word processing software that comes with Arabic, Urdu, English, Sindhi, Hazaragi, Kashmiri, Pushto, and Persian languages. Inpage is developed by the software company named Software Paradise Pvt. Ltd. It comes with the different keyboard layout styles and there is no need of external tool or device to work with Inpage. Click here to Download Inpage Urdu

InPage Urdu Course: Lecture 1

In first part of the video, I explained the basic of the software, like how to create a file in inpage, how to set the width and height of the page, gutter and margin of the page. How we can change the font family, font size and how we can change the preferences of the keyword and how we can set custom keyword for inpage.

InPage Urdu Course:  Lecture 2

In the second of the InPage Urdu Course, I explain the left toolbar. I explained the each tool and its properties one by one. I hope after watching this video you will be able to use Inpage like a pro.

InPage Urdu Course:  Lecture 3

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