Stop using this Microsoft window 7 or be prepared for this loss

The famous computer company Microsoft has announced to stop providing further updates and support for its old operating system Windows 7.

According to a foreign website report, Windows 7 will no longer be supported for users using the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, so a Windows replacement is necessary for users using advanced software.

A pop-up window will now appear on the computer warning users to ditch the decade-old Windows and start using the new Windows 10. Microsoft says Windows 7 will continue to run on computers, but the company will not provide support, software updates and security fixes to those computer users.

According to the report, Windows 10 is currently the most used in the world. Among the users using Microsoft operating system, 55 percent of people use Windows 10, while 25 percent, the second largest number, use Windows 7. Also, if a user’s computer system is not capable of Windows 10, they will also be prompted to purchase a new computer.

It should be noted that a small pop-up message has been appearing in Windows since April last year, but now Microsoft has decided to make a clear announcement and bring out a full-screen pop-up that cannot be ignored. The risk of viruses and malwares will increase in the system Microsoft has also made it clear to users in a statement that if you continue to use Windows 7, it will increase the risk of viruses and malware in your system. This new pop-up window will have options to ‘Read more’, ‘Notify later’ or ‘Don’t notify again’.

The British Cyber ​​Security Center has issued a warning to its citizens not to access their emails, bank accounts or other sensitive information using Windows 7 because of the high risk of data theft. Microsoft’s message will appear on the Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate editions versions of Windows 7.

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