Who are your competitors? Find YouTube competitors.

Every creator has competition on YouTube. But who are they? Which channels should you be monitoring, analyzing and trying to outdo?

YouTube is a competitive place to make content. There are millions of channels out there, and each one is looking to gain more subscribers than the next.

Who are your competitors?

  • Share the same audience as you (your viewers watch their videos too).
  • Create content similar to yours.
  • Have the same YouTube niche or channel focus.

Without a doubt, you want to know these creators and how they operate on YouTube. That helps you understand your niche, find video ideas, and slowly improve your channel.

Ready to get started? Here’s how to find your biggest competitors on YouTube.

Why do a competition analysis on YouTube?

As in the rest of social networks, knowing what your competitors do on YouTube allows you to have numerous advantages:

  • > You have an overview of what comes out on YouTube within your sector.
  • > It serves as a source of inspiration: Helps you come up with new ideas for your next video.
  • > You will be able to reach interesting conclusions such as why your content does not have the success you expected.
  • > You will avoid the stagnation of your YouTube channel.
  • > You can improve your positioning.

How to find your competitors on YouTube
Surely you know who is your most direct competition, and if that means a company, you will have their social media information on their web pages.

But there is something you have to consider; Many times your competitors on social networks go beyond your competitors at the business level.

You can have other competitors on YouTube such as influencers or people related to your sector.

How to find these competitors on YouTube?

  • Listen to your followers and clients: through social listening you will be able to know what other people or possible competitors your followers are talking about.
  • Search through keywords for other channels positioned on YouTube.
  • Research hashtags related to your sector.
  •  Pay attention to the related or recommended videos when you have seen a competitor. Many times YouTube shows you similar content.
How to analyze your competition on YouTube

As a first tip, write down all the accounts in an excel next to the links to control the channels. Once you have an excel you can fill it with the important information of your competition:

  • Metrics of the latest videos
  • What the most viewed videos are
  • The frequency of publication

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